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Start on Your Path

This two-week camp gives students the opportunity to write their own scripts, act, direct, and do their own camera-work. Perfect for campers with a keen interest in cinema!

During this two-week camp, kids write their own amazing stories, engage in play acting and improv games and take part in the Lake Wakana adventure activities.


We believe creative minds need creative spaces, that’s why our class environments are designed to emulate real-world production facilities and are set in an open, outside environment.

With the film equipment all inclusive, students are hands on film making as early as day one!


Directing: Learn techniques for working with actors, casting and composition and how to work in every area of directing – from preproduction to critical evaluation.

Cinematography: Discover how to support the mood of the story with lighting choices while familiarizing yourselves with the various cameras you’ll use throughout the degree program.

Digital Editing: Develop essential skills and good editing habits, along with an understanding and appreciation of the role of editing in the storytelling process.

Your very own Premier!

The two week film course gives us the time we need to write, shoot and edit our own short movies so that when it’s time for our film makers to depart, they have something to show the parents at the end of the course! All are welcome to our premiers!